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Electrical Safety Video Downloads

Electrical Safety Video Downloads

Electrical safety video downloads offer a quick and easy option to learning how to better improve your safety habits when working with electricity. They offer the advantages of allowing the student to learn at their own pace, without requiring a classroom setting.

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can have electrical safety information at your fingertips on such topics as:

  • High voltage electrical safety, especially for workers and contractors in contact with energized environments of more than 600 volts;
  • Grounding and bonding in accordance with the NEC and Code compliance, with visually rich instruction on how to properly apply 2011 NEC requirements;
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures, complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA’s lockout/tagout regulations on devices, procedures and types of energy;
  • Safety requirements for electricians, with instruction on how to raise your awareness on the potentially deadly hazards electrical workers face every day;
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), how they operate and the safety procedures for protecting against electrical shock; and
  • Workplace safety and vital information on why electrical contact injuries are so serious and costly — and how compliance with the NFPA 70E and OSHA is crucial to protecting workers; and ultimately how reducing workplace hazards through compliance with NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace can prevent electrical injury or fatality.

In the United States, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has numerous safety videos on such topics as electrical safety in the workplace, reducing workplace electrical hazards, safety requirements for electricians and electrical grounding and bonding.

In Canada, CSA Z462 offers comparable safety and code guidelines for electrical workers (the equivalent to NFPA 70E), through various provincial and associated websites.

Like their American counterparts, the CSA Z462 downloadable training video focuses on workplace electrical safety, the application of industry standards to reduce or eliminate the potential hazards of arc flash and shock, including content from the CSA Z462 Workplace Standard to allow you to identify and quantify potential shock and arc flash hazards.

Any good downloadable electrical safety video should contain these elements:

  • provincial, state and industry regulations, standards and best practices;
  • understanding hazards and risk through proper analysis and mitigation;
  • how to establish a safe work environment; and
  • how to determine proper PPE and equipment for hazardous work.

Any downloadable electrical safety video download should be used in conjunction with an electrical safety program based on CAN/CSA Z1000 (Canada) or ANSI/AIHAZ10 (United States).

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