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Electrical Safety Signs

Electrical Safety Signs

Electrical Safety Signs are crucial for electricians and other electrical workers who are at a higher risk of death or injury because they are directly exposed to electrical current. Many electrical hazards occur when employees are working on electrical equipment, but electrical hazards also occur to employees who aren’t aware that they are in a higher-risk environment. This is why electrical safety signs are important. Electrical safety signs protect personnel from electric shock and electrocution (death by electric shock), and they protect companies from civil litigation due to negligence.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have specific regulations for electrical safety signs.


Electrical Safety Signs – Electrical Safety Sign Requirements
Electrical safety signs are required to be posted where electrical hazards can happen. The sign must clearly identify and warn if the hazard can cause injury or death or damage property. Electrical safety signs must also show what can happen if the appropriate steps to avoid an electrical hazard aren’t implemented. Appropriate symbols should also be used to reinforce the electrical safety sign’s message.


Electrical Safety Signs – Electrical Safety Signs Identified
Electrical safety signs use signal words to indicate the chance that an electrical accident could take place and the possible outcome (injury or death) that could happen.


  • Danger sign: If the outcome is a serious injury or death and the accident will most definitely happen, then a danger sign is used.
  • Warning sign: If the possible outcome is a serious injury or death and the accident might occur, then a warning sign is used.
  • Caution sign: If the possible outcome of the injury is minor or moderate, then a caution sign is used.
  • Notice sign: A notice sign indicates that property damage could occur.


Electrical Safety Signs – Electrical Safety Symbols Identified
Some electrical safety signs use electrical safety symbols. The common symbol for electricity is a lightning bolt. Voltage or shock hazards are identified using a bolt or a bolt through a hand. Static hazards are shown using lightning bolt on the bottom of a shoe. A bolt with an arrow pointed downward is used to identify buried cable signs. A triangle with an enclosed exclamation point is the universal symbol for danger and sometimes safety as well.


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